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Why are you wasting your time reading my journal?

I either love my life.... or hate it.

19 July
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please make my pain go away
and dissolve all my fears
help me breathe easier
wipe away all my tears

i am a fool. i love too much, and alas this is my downfall. i am a hard core romantic with a bitter violent sarcastic side. i have 9 named moods (so far)

Bob- psychoticly annoying... will drive you insane within 10 minutes of knowing him
Fred- sadistically malicious... would slit anyones throat without a second thought or guilt
Mandy- slutty little *WHORE*.... horny as hell... will sleep with anyone
Molly- smart. knowitall. bookworm. knows little trivial facts that are meaningless
Squirrel- playful hyper little kid. is a reasonable version of Bob.
Jacqui- quiet. poetic. creative. Is polite to the piont of detrimentalness
Elsie- is deppresed, and is extremely suicidal. is a cutter who is angsty
Cleo- into the occult. is a down to earth pagan. (http://www.wicca.com)
Sheela- helplessly romantic... has drawn her name in a heart with every possible last name combination with all her crushes..